Electric Food Processor 12L, 6L, 3L &2L Multipurpose Food Chopper Meat Grinder, Blender And Mincer, 1000W High Power Meat Grinder

Pounding of Yam is a herculean task that whosoever pounds it is most likely not to enjoy it because he/she will be exhausted by the time the pounded yam is ready. The effort put into pounding of yam is more than the output.

This fact has made the delicious pounded yam a rare household food.

This Food Processor is also suitable for pounding Yam, CocoYam, Plantain, Tigernut and Corn Grinding.

The Original Multi-functional Yam Pounder and Food Processor that does everything.

Features and Benefits of this Yam Pounder

  • Making pounded yam.
  • Pounding Plantain.
  • Blending beans for moi-moi and akara (beans cake).
  • Making smoothie juice.
  • Cutting okoro.
  • Cutting vegetables and onions.
  • Grinding meat.
  • Grinding tomatoes and pepper.

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This is Our 12Liters Commercial Food Processor and Yam Pounder👇👇👇

This Processor is easy to use. It is rugged and affordable. It has a plastic processor to prevent rusting of the blade.

The multi purpose food processor has a 2 controls at the top to increase/decrease the speed of the processor.  The 4 stainless steel blades are sharpened, powerful and solid. They can mince different food in a very short time.


Available at this price for a LIMITED TIME

  1. Fix the blade and put the black rubber under.
  2. Add whatever you want to grind and pound. eg yam, pepper etc
  3. Press the button at the top of the machine and wait for 1 to 2 minutes while it grinds or pounds.
  4. Open it and take out the content! yes it is that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent questions I get asked, all answered below!

  • How do i place an order?

Kindly click on the get it now link or fill out the form below to order

  • I will love to make more enquirry about this product?

In that case please do not fill the form, you have to call us or send a whatsapp message on 09012871844

  • Can i pay upon delivery?

yes you can pay on delivery but for those outside Lagos and Abuja a commitment fee of N3000 and pay the rest on delivery

  • How much is delivery ?

Delivery is Free in Abuja and Lagos

  • Do i get a discount if i want more?

yes the discount prices are listed below for more than one


Available at this price for a LIMITED TIME

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See What People Who Have Successfully Used Our {Food Processor Yam Pounder} are Saying

It is exactly what I expected, function as what is described on the ad. I have used it to make pounded yam for my family and used it also to grind vegetables and even meat... Wow! I am happy I got the original from you guys. The delivery was quick too.
Aisha yusif
When I first saw this product I doubted and felt it was just like the others I have tried. I was so excited when it was delivered and I can tell you right now that it really works for me. Even me that don't like cooking now enjoy making delicious meal for my family when my wife is too busy.. Overall, it is very easy to use. Thank you.
Immediately I came across your website no one told me the Food Pounder machine is a must have for me because as a family man catering for up 7 people in a house hold, i can understand sometimes cooking can be very stressful and a big chore for my wife and the kids. Anyway this is my 12th day since i bought it and my wife really loves the product, it is indeed a time saver and has made things easier... Kudos and weldone''

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Available at this price for a LIMITED TIME

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