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Binatone Food Processor 850W

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Binatone Food Processor FP-850 is a multi-functional food processor with Blender . Being compact and handy, this blender- juicer combo can be plugged where-ever you find comfort. The 1.75 litres blending jar comes with an anti-spill lid, stainless steel blades and a feed tube too.

Binatone Multi-purpose chopper features stainless steel chopping blades and a citrus juicer attachment. It also comes with a 1.2 litres work bowl with scale and feed tube, making your juicing & chopping experience hassle free. This device powers at 800 watts. It is easy to clean and store away too.

Binatone commits to bringing you innovative, affordable and well-designed products that add value to your life.

Binatone food processor 850w


Product details

A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to facilitate repetitive tasks in the preparation of food

Food processors are similar to blenders in many forms. The primary difference is that food processors use interchangeable blades and disks (attachments) rather than a fixed blade. Also, their bowls are wider and shorter, a more proper shape for the solid or semi-solid foods usually worked in a food processor. Usually, little or no liquid is required in the operation of the food processor, unlike a blender, which requires a certain amount of liquid for the particles to move around the blade.

Food processors normally have multiple functions, depending on the placement and type of attachment or blade. These functions normally include:

  • Slicing/chopping vegetables
  • Grinding items such as nuts, seeds (e.g. spices), meat, or dried fruit
  • Shredding or grating cheese or vegetables
  • Pureeing
  • Mixing and kneading doughs

About the Brand
Over the past five decades, Binatone has become a world leader in electrical appliances. Binatone continues to identify trends and answer consumer needs with unique and attractive products through a sales and distribution network that spans 4 continents and 75 countries. With in-depth expertise in a clearly focused range of products, Binatone is known for making innovative, yet affordable consumer electronics available, with products ranging from home and electrical appliances to power products.


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