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12pcs Kitchen Napkin Towel

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Kitchen Napkin Towels – 12Pcs

These towels are made of good material for softness‎ which is useful both in the kitchen and dining.‎

They will add style to your kitchen in the most subtle manner‎.‎ You need a napkin in your kitchen and dining to help clean the surface of cabinets and as well clean any spilled food on the pot‎.‎ This will keep your kitchen tidy at all times‎.‎

Each set of the napkin has a size which is big enough to absorb for effective cleaning.

The soft texture of these kitchen towels allows for wiping your fragile dish surfaces efficiently and effectively leaving neither marks nor fluff as it absorbs water. It can also used to dry your hands after washing while cooking. The variety of bright colors also adds to the beauty of your kitchen. Each towel has a hook for easy storage.


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