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aluminum cutting machine Power Plus

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Power Plus aluminum cutting machine

Name : 12 Inch Power Plus Saw/ Aluminium Cutting Machine

Rated Voltage : 220V AC

Frequency : 50Hz

No-Load Speed : 5500/min

Rated Power: 1850W

Net Weight: 8.05Kg

Cutting Depth:

90degree:64mmH X 140mmW

45degree:40mmH X 140mmW

Cutting Length : 355mm/Max

Sawing like never before: extremely smooth with lasting precision
1 Lasting precision due to innovative, maintenance-free and extremely robust guide arm
2 Frictionless slide mechanism ensures very easy sawing without loss of power
3 Accurate cuts and the highest cut quality due to integrated double line laser and Top Precision Best for Wood saw blade

Why this tool?
Efficient dust extraction due to optimised suction spouts
All controls for mitre and bevel settings are situated on the front of the machine to make work more convenient
Pull-out material supports integrated on the right and left with integrated length stop
Integrated carrying handle for easy transport
Compact slide mechanism enables space-saving positioning directly against the wall
Powerful motor (2000 watts) offers sufficient power reserves for thick woods
Groove-cutting function

Power Plus Aluminum Cutter – 12″

aluminum cutting machine


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