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Tummy Trimmer High Waist Girdle Pant

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Tummy Trimmer High Waist Girdle Pant

This Women High Waist Underwear will brings out the best of your physique. Designed with detailed attention to give you a smart shape advantage.
This high waist body sharper will give you that shapely curvaceous look that will stand you out in any outfit.  It is comfortable to wear, yet very effective. It is a perfect undergarment for classy and fashionable ladies and is suitable for use whether you are at work, play or sleeping.

This underwear flattens the tummy and enhances the look of any women pants, skirts or dresses, so you can step out in confidence! Say goodbye to obnoxious muffin tops and ‘spare tires’!










Highlights of this New Tummy Trimmer High Waist Girdle Pant

  • Create a sleek silhouette
  • Flattens stomach and lifts butt.
  • Designed to reduce figures
  • Smooth lumps and bumps
  • Wear under any outfit
  • Features:4 pieces steel bone,High waist,Good Tummy control,Seamless,High elasticity,Soft fabric,comfortable and Breathable shell:85% Nylon+15% Elastane.
  • Enjoy your beautiful curve at anytime.Waist Trainer with 4 spiral steel boned on the High Waist part which shape your waist more powerful.
  • Instantly Build your sexy hourglass figure: Visibly reduced waistline and back bulge; lifts rear while tones tummy to create a sexy hourglass shape; 360 Firm control for accelerated weight loss
  • Seamless look and Easy using; Invisible underneath any type of clothing
  • Everyday wear, Wearing Occasions: Wedding, Gym, Club, Party, Cosplay Costume,Christmas,Festival, Holiday; Any occasion you want look more slimmer.

Women Hi-Waist Tummy Control Slimming Pants Black Corset

Women High Waist Tummy Control Tight Body Shaper Briefs Slimming Pants Black

keeps Tummy In Best Possible Control Flat Shape

great Quality Product

it Can Be Worn Any Time Of The Day

no Side Effects

an Undergarment Designed To Temporarily Alter The Wearer’s Body Shape, To Achieve A More Fashionable Figure.

Enhance A Bodily Feature

elastic Materials And In Special Cuts Designed And Beautifully Made

it Gives You Confident, And Smart Look All Day

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