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20L Microwave Oven Qasa

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20L Microwave Oven Qasa

For many years running, Microwave ovens have been part of many families relief when it comes to quick cooking, heating and defrost. As the world gets busier and many individuals finds it difficult turning on Gas cookers or stoves at their homes or places or work, Microwave ovens have become to a very large degree makes it a bundle of help in this regard.
Qasa Grill QMW-20L is one of those ovens you can not turn a blind eye to. It is capable of Grilling, quick defrost of frozen foods and has 5 levels of power to make it easy to get the job done. Its timer capability also adds to the beauty of easily allowing the equipment function within a given time and then it shuts off with and end signal to your notice. It also has a Maximum cooking time of 30 minutes and an achievable power level of 1200 watts.


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