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6L Food Processor And Yam Pounder

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6L Food Processor And Yam Pounder

Whooping Large size yam pounder, plantain pounder, fufu maker, cocoyam, tiger nuts and any dry grinder for a large number of family and friends and can be used for small scale business due to the high wattage and bowl size capacity. It suitable for the pounding of yam, plantain, cocoyam and can be used for also grinding purpose.

  •    1200 watts powerful motor
  •  6Liters whooping Large capacity  stainless steel bowl
  •  2 speed control
  •  Anti slip rubber stand
  • Low noise
  •  4 sharp tongue  stainless steel blade
  • Safety lock settings

6Litres Yam Pounder – The 1200watts yam pounder is suitable for pounding yam, cocoyam, plantain, tigernut grinding, corn grinding etc for household consumption. The lot thought of how to pound Yam when you feel like eating pounded yam is over. It was designed and produced for best output in pounding. Pounded Yam is one of the pure delicacies (devoid of any chemical/industrial processing) that every family should prepare with easy (without any hassle) and enjoy as desire. It is better when served hot.


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