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Mosquito KillerMosquito Killer

Electronic Pest and Mosquito Killer

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Electronic Pest and Mosquito Killer

Just plug into any socket and it will send out electrical pulses that will rid your home of almost any pest.
Applicable for household, storehouse, hotel, restaurant, hospital, supermarket, office, etc.
Safe without radiation, poison or chemicals to humans, children and pets.
Can effectively repel almost all pests, such as mice, mosquitoes, ants, rats, roaches, spiders, flies and other insects.
Turn your home’s wiring into a pest repellent force fields

Electronic Pest and Mosquito Killer

Non-toxic, no chemicals, no poison
Helps control unwanted pests safely, quickly, and effectively in as little as 2 weeks
Drive rodents and roaches out of your home
Safe for children, pets, and electronics

Mosquito KillerMosquito Killer


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