Egg Storage Box 24pc

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Egg Storage Box 24pc

The egg holder can be placed in the refrigerator, keep the eggs fresh and avoid contact with the other items, which also can keep the refrigerator clean and tidy without peculiar smell. You can put more eggs in the fridge and to avoid the brakeage of the eggs.

The design of the double- deck enlarged the capacity of holding eggs, each layer can put a dozen eggs. and it can also hold other small objects. Take out the egg barrier in the middle, it can also be used as a normal crisper to keep other small objects. Owing this box, you will never worry about where your egg should place.

Egg Storage Box 24pc

The middle interlayer and bottom with egg shaped groove, let each egg neatly placed. There is a short distance between each groove, which make sure eggs won’t collide with each other, not easily broken. Humanization clapboard design is convenient to take out the upper eggs.


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