Gas Level Indicator

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Gas Level Indicator

Never run out of gas from now on. Measure your gas with this magnetic gas level indicator. All you need do is attach it to your gas cylinder and it will show you how much gas is left in the tank. It is magnetic and will easily stick to your cylinder.

It can safely and accurately measure the gas capacity, using the gas temperature range of -10C – 120C. It is safe and accurate and reusable. it works well with LPG propane, butane or mixed fuel gas cylinders. The magnetic backing makes it easily usable with other cylinders.

1. This product can safely accurate measurement of the gas capacity, according to the temperature of the gas. Temperature range for – 10℃ to 120°C, can show the different colors of blue, green, brown, with green marks the right temperature, and can be recycled for a long time.
2. Place your Gas Level Indicator on a clean area on the lower half of the cylinder.
3. Turn on the gas and wait 10 minutes before you can read your Indicator.
4. In the winter the bar on the left will be active, and in the summer the bar on the right will be active.

Color: Black
Size: 9.8 x 6.2 x 0.1cm
Package Size: 19.7 x 10.3cm

1.As shown in the figure, directly paste the gas capacity test card on the gas canister.


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