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phone screen magnifierphone screen magnifier

3D Phone Screen Magnifier 12inches

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You need the easiest and most comfortable way to enjoy watching your movies and football while on transit, and relaxing in the office. This 3D PHONE MAGNIFIER is scientifically and suitably designed to give you all the comfort and relaxation you need with your phone.


phone screen magnifier

With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people use them to watch online movies, YouTube or their favorite TV shows. However, the phone screen can be very unpleasant to the eyes.

This Phone Screen Magnifier solves the problem of mobile phone screen!

More and more people use their smartphones to watch videos or movies, however, it gets incredibly uncomfortable to watch a small screen for longer periods of time, and it can even damage your vision. If you often watch videos and movies and are tired of uncomfortably staring at a small screen, our Phone magnifier is perfect for you.

Featuring an HD zoom optical technology, the screen magnifier magnifies your screen at two times its size, retaining a crisp and clear image, without the need of a battery. Furthermore, if you enjoy mobile gaming, use the screen amplifier with a wireless keyboard, and turn your smartphone into a gaming station! The screen amplifier is incredibly portable and lightweight so you can easily fold it and take it anywhere you go!

phone screen magnifierphone screen magnifierphone screen magnifier

Products Features

This Magnifier comes with a stand and phone holder that fits iPhones, Samsung Android smartphones and most other models.

Adjust the magnifier screen to your liking by moving it up or down and then enjoy the enhanced view that you can use for reading text messages and website articles, watching videos and movies, or anything else that is being displayed on your device.

  • No Power-driven
  • 3D effect
  • Suitable for all kinds of mobile phone
  • Specially fit for the elderly to read books
  • Reduces the eyes fatigue when you watch videos on the phone
  • Suitable for use on various occasions such as indoors, camping, travel, and leisure, etc

It is lightweight and convenient, the 3D Screen Magnifier provides affordable and clear magnification that you can take with you wherever you go.


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