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Posture CorrectorPosture Corrector

Posture Corrector Back Brace

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Posture Corrector Back Brace for Women & Men which Provide Pain Relief of Back Neck & Shoulder

If you’re looking for extra support, this brace is for you. It is enforced by two wide steel support plates contoured along the spine that covers your entire back. One Amazon reviewer said that they had “relief within minutes” after wearing.

Features of Posture Corrector Back Brace

  • Stronger Support – Professional wide and thick shoulder strap, enforced by 2 steel support plates contoured along the spine, this spine corrector ensures a strong support that you are looking for to keep the correct position.
  • Correct Posture – Posture brace works by training your muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment, helps correct your bad posture of clavicle and thoracic even humpback. Back to confidence once you put it on!
  • Pain Relief – Relieve the lumbar, lower and upper back pain. Prevent the progressive spinal curvature and change the bad habits of kyphosis and postoperative repair. Feel energy and youth without pain!
  • Comfortable – Our upper back support strap is made of top quality powerful and breathable cotton material. No worry of skin cut, very comfortable to wear.
  • Superb brand focus on medical and health products. Medical level back brace posture corrector deserve your confidence.
  • Posture Corrector

  • Material: neoprene, elastic fabric, pp bars, adjustable straps;Color: Black; Size: M, L, XL. Suitable for: working, walking, exercising and relaxing..
  • Relief Back Pain: Ease the pain of middle and upper back. Prevent the progressive spinal curvature and change the bad habits of kyphosis and postoperative repair..
  • Comfortable Enough: Our back support belt is wider and breathable than others,very comfortable to wear.They are small to large and fit in different shapes..
  • Posture Correction:Supporting design helps correct bad body posture of back and shoulder, The cushion belt pulls round shoulder back to correct posture,so that your thoracic capacity will expend and your lungs will operate at full capacity..
  • Fully adjustable without help,so our back brace is very easy to wear.And our support belt can provide support for sports make climbing easier..

Please note:
Your back and shoulders will slowly adjust and you will build muscle memory for the right posture. Avoid over-tightening the brace because it will cause excessive tension. Wearing a posture support for an extended period of time is never a good idea. It should only be used as a training tool to help retrain your posture to normalcy. Posture support braces are not a substitute for physical therapy or other medical conditions. If symptoms become worse, a doctor should be sought out for advice.


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